On Friday 16th October a distraction burglary happened on Millfield Avenue by a man claiming to be from the water board.

Disgracefully, offenders often target elderly & vulnerable residents.

The offenders in yesterday’s crime is described as

1)white man, aged about 35, round face, stocky, blondish hair. Wearing a blue mask with a design on, possibly a bomber jacket with an unusual accent.

2)white man, slim build, dark hair, dark clothing

This is where a person falsely claiming to be from a company or public authority dishonestly gains access to your home in order to commit a crime, sometimes without you being aware at the time.

When someone calls at your door and offers to do repairs to your home, or to ask for urgent help, or when someone official knocks on your door, do not be afraid to ask for a form of identification (all genuine callers will carry a form of ID).

Check the picture on the ID to the person who is at your door, do they look the same? Is it the same person?

Some bogus callers call on older and vulnerable people, saying they need help urgently. They may ask you to help them outside the house, or come in to make a phone call, do not worry if you chose not to help – it is not rude or unfriendly.

Keep an eye on your vulnerable and elderly neighbours too, if you see something that doesn’t look right, report it to us via 101 or West Midlands Police Live Chat.

If you have any doubts, keep them out!

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Bloxwich Neighbourhood Team (Police, NHT Officer, WS Walsall Central Bloxwich NHT)

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