From Wednesday a ban on households mixing in hospitality venues will apply to people in Walsall which have been classed as “high risk” area under the Government’s new three tier system of alert levels.

“High risk” is the middle of the three tiers, with the less severe “medium” tier applying to most of the country and level three reserved for “very high risk” areas.

People in Walsall will also be barred from allowing others they do not live with or who are not in their support bubble into their homes or gardens – as is already the case under local restrictions in parts of the region.

Merseyside was the only part of the country placed at the “very high” alert level, meaning all pubs, bars, gyms, leisure centres, betting shops and casinos will close.

The restrictions will be debated in the Commons on Tuesday before coming into force on Wednesday.

Boris Johnson said the new system was necessary because virus cases had quadrupled over the last three weeks, with more people now in hospital with Covid-19 than there were at the start of the national lockdown on March 23.

Speaking in the Commons, the Prime Minister said he did not believe a second full national lock-down would be “the right course” to take, but he warned against “abandoning the fight” against the virus.

One thought on “‘High risk’ Walsall to be banned from mixing at home.”
  1. Hes stopping people from mixing but not realised what he’s doing now won’t change its the schools who are passing the virus about but he’s not considering shutting those down so in 2 3 weeks time our children will be more at risk

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